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Self-help Section

You Can Help Yourself

CAUTION - Check out the risks of self-help!

What Is Psychotherapy?

Why Be Assertive?


Finding A Therapist

Introduction: Finding A Therapist

My Outlook

My Credentials


Straight Talk About Day-to-day Issues


The Psychology of Everyday Living

Couples' Issues
...developing ways to get long with one another.

The Essence of Compatibility

Individual's Difficulties.

What Your Doctor May Be Missing
...Don't let it delay -- or prevent -- getting proper mental health care.

Family Concerns

Are Your Kids Suffering from Back-To-School Fears?

Co-dependents' Situations
...dealing with people who abuse alcohol or drugs.

Husband Drinks Because He's "Bored."

Is Someone You Love Hooked?...(a three-article series).

I - Recognizing the Problem. Frequently Asked Questions.
II - How To Intervene. More frequently asked questions.
III - Solo Intervention. Additional frequently asked questions.


Interactive Section
...What readers have asked about

Introduction: Responses to Readers' Requests.

Husband Drinks Because He's "Bored."

How To Communicate With A Narcissist.



Interviews At A Mental Health Clinic. A frivolity.


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Finding a Therapist

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